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Sunday, April 3, 2011

You win some, You Loose some ...

Husband and I grew up as Kansas Jayhawk fans. Now neither of us went to KU, but Kansas City is a huge college sports town, and you just can't help but be part of a great tradition! In our most recent previous life we spent 8+ years in the great Chicagoland ... a town that could care less about college basketball, football or anything else! They have enough problem cheering on the The Cubs, The Bears, The Blackhawks, The Bulls, oh yeah that other little baseball team on the southside, The White Soxs. 

So when we made a few friends from Northern Iowa we were all excited. Last year #1 ranked KU was going to play Northern Iowa ... big win for us! So we invited them over, drank some beer - had some pizza and all be damned the #1 ranked KU LOST to Northern Iowa ... sigh

So this year, we live in the great state of Kentucky. HUGE basketball town - they bleed blue and white (some bleed red for the Cardinals, but UK fans will probably beat you over the head with a baseball bat if you are one of them) And UK & KU are both having a great year - what a fun tournament. Weeks of bball filled at each others houses and bars cheering on each others team. I promised to turn all my KU shirts inside out for their games if they would do the same for mine.

And then VCU came along - damn Cinderella stories. Goodbye KU, again.

But we could rally - UK still was going strong ... so even though it was tough to swallow - we bucked up and went to a final four party last night. I even brought a little something to show my support:

All I can say is I hope my cupcakes are a little consolation with their coffee this morning, as they lick their wounds, as us Jayhawkers did last weekend ... damn you UCONN ... goodbye UK, again.

So all my great Jayhawks creations will have to wait till next year, when we all start to get that little feeling in the bottom of our stomachs ... you know the feeling when March rolls around. But for now, I have deleted the NCAA app off my iPhone, thrown away my bracket and retired my favorite sharpie (who got a hell of a workout this year).

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