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I am not going to lie ... most days we are hot mess here at this little three ring circus I am apart of! I have a great husband, a darling doodlebug of a daughter, two, yes two, boston terriers and a cat ... that is a lot of feet running around!! I love all things creative! I am not the best at anything, but I love to see what other great creative things people do and try to incorporate them into my life! I will warn you, with all this creativity comes the high probability of the following: miss spelling, ranting, random shinanagans! Consider yourself warned.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The best ideas, are sometimes, someone elses!

First and foremost: I take no credit for coming up with this idea!

Once I finished my little moss spring meadow (aka "smurfville" thanks Megan) I wanted a little banner, because I have a small obsession with making them:) But paper didn't seem to fit ... so I left it blank.

While I sat at the hair salon for 4 hours on Saturday, happily, because I assumed I was going to leave a nice bright blond again, umm NO GO, but that is for another day, I read about 3 hours of blogs on my RSS feeder on my iPhone. If you do not have an iPhone ... get one! They rock. That is when I came upon this blog Naturally Easter, and there it was ... just what my mantel needed. So I guess I have the hair salon to thank for that, and my still brown hair, although one shade lighter and one dumb highlight in the front of my head. No I am not still angry at all ... :)

So off to Jo-Ann's I went in search  of "sheet moss" what the hell, I have nothing better to do three days before I take doodlebug on a week long vacation in Florida. It's not like I should be packing, or cleaning the house for the dog sitter or folding two weeks worth of laundry, buying dog food or cleaning out the kitty shitter ... I mean come on a girl has to have priorities.

Sheet Moss = Check ... and a few other things that I could not pass up, because I am self proclaimed craft supply hoarder. And when they are on sale, I know I will need it someday and have to pay full price ... this is what I tell Husband!

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters.
Spray Mounted them onto the back of sheet moss

Cut them out

Hot Glue them on:
Yep, I glued them on backwards.
Not gonna lie, I cuss a lot
while crafting!


Hmmm what is wrong  ...
I think the orange flower looks weird
on the "I". The rest of you
think the R & I are in the wrong
place ... I am idiot! HOT MESS

WA-LAA (going the right direction and in the right order!)
 Yep three times! HA
I hate myself.



  1. You spelled spring wrong!

  2. Hahahhaa. Oh well third time is a charm!

  3. Thanks Niki - probably would have stayed that way forever!

  4. Haha! It is very cute and creative!

  5. I love how your moss "Spring" garland turned out! Thanks for leaving such a nice note and for the shout out :)