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I am not going to lie ... most days we are hot mess here at this little three ring circus I am apart of! I have a great husband, a darling doodlebug of a daughter, two, yes two, boston terriers and a cat ... that is a lot of feet running around!! I love all things creative! I am not the best at anything, but I love to see what other great creative things people do and try to incorporate them into my life! I will warn you, with all this creativity comes the high probability of the following: miss spelling, ranting, random shinanagans! Consider yourself warned.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cupcake Birthday Inspiration

Next month one of Doodlebugs BFF in Kentucky will turn the big 5! To celebrate I am helping her darling Momma host a cupcake birthday extravaganza! I can not wait! I have piles of stuff waiting to get done. Husband is so excited that the bar has once again been taken over by craft crap!

For those of you who do no Pinterest ... you have to - it is so addicting and so much fun! It allows you to grab and catalog all the images on the web. You can check out my page - it was one of the ways I started gathering all my ideas for the Cupcake Extravaganza!

Stay tuned as the next couple weeks will be filled with sprinkle and cupcake lines. I can not wait.

Check out these listing to gather more info on the cool pictures above!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink and Yellow Birthday Party

Megan over at Luster Designs on Paper and I have a very good mutual friend and it appears a lot of mutual interest. She runs a great business in Naples Florida helping deliver just about any party need you may have!

Since I am a little obsessed with parties - I just had to share her daughters 2nd Birthday Party. She did an amazing job. I love seeing people's vision come to life in the events the plan, the items they create, the designs they design!

Take a little trip over to Megan's blog and see all the great things she is doing!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lemon Thyme Biscuits

Today may be the official first day of Summer, but it felt a little like fall here today. Ok not totally true - it was like 90 degrees, but it did rain and look very cold and blistery outside. So instead of first day of summer items such as burgers, corn on the cob, hot dogs & potato salad - we had pot roast, noodles and homemade biscuits! HA.

I planted a small potted garden this summer - three types of tomato's, basil, spicy globe basil, lemon-thyme, cilantro and jalapenos. The jalapenos, did not make it. The tops of the tomato's were snacked on by deer - but they have since left them alone. Cilantro was doing great, has taken a turn for the worst ... we shall see how they come out!

I did use my fresh home grown lemon-thyme in my homeade biscuits, making it summer A-OK!

From the Herb Garden: Lemon Thyme - for more recipes

I found the recipe in the July/August Food Network Magazine - click  here for the real recipe. I have a serious problem following a recipe - which will actually lead to the sort of demise of my biscuits ... follow along!  I was all excited when I saw this .. because for those of you who have not grown Lemon Thyme - is spreads, not just a little! So I have been looking for just about anybody who wants some and any recipe that calls for it! I saw this and was like YEAH ... so I read the recipe, which I am also not so good at doing ... yeah, doesn't call for Lemon Thyme at all. Well I fixed that!

So in the ingredients I made the following changes:
added 1 cup grated parm cheese
added a bunch of lemon thyme herbs
couple shakes regular thyme & rosemary
couple shakes of garlic powder
It calls for wheat germ - not gonna lie, that scares the hell out of me, did not use it
It calls for buttermilk, would have done this if I had it .. used regular
Calls for grated lemon zest - skipped it since I grew my lemon into my Thyme :)

So far so good right ... I think this is what unbaked biscuits are suppose to look like. Now for the somewhat fatal mistake ... oven temp 425, not 475 - arghh. I hate myself sometime! No worries I pulled them out a little early, they are a little flat - but they tasted great!

The entire fam loved them! And since they were a little dense, great for soaking up the juices from the pot roast!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DIY Flag; Pottery Barn Style

I love it that there are tons of other ladies & gents (I am sure there are some guys out there!) that enjoy trying to create cool things everyday. People create in a million different ways, digitally, handmade, photography. I even had an old friend post his own web comic. I love it!

In the spirit of the Fourth of July and my quest for getting my mantel down this week (not gonna happen) I stumbled upon Melody over at craftybutt she created a look alike to a Pottery Barn piece that is amazing!

She give detailed instructions here!

Let me know if anybody takes this project on! I love it. I may need to see about adding more project to my mantel list!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Firecrackers & Pinwheels

Summer time is in full swing at our house and that means that fourth of July is right around the corner! I feel like time is flying these days.

So when my Martha Stewart showed up this month with its cute firecrackers I knew I had to start my mantel! I had a few aqua things left over from the baby shower I just did and I wanted to use them. I love the red, blue & aqua combo for the fourth. It makes it feel a little bit more modern.

So first up: Pinwheels - LOVE THEM. Have wanted to do them for something
I found super easy directions here at the Sweetest Occasions. I am sure there are several on the web - but hers were easy to follow!

Use double sided paper for your pinwheels! The flag & bucket are from the dollar spot at target! The aqua candlestick is from Pier 1 and a resuse from the shower! I added a little stick on to the aqua pinwheel to give a little more festive feel.

Second Up: Firecrackers
Check out how to make them at marthastewart - now she made them into treat bags - I decided to make them into a little art project for my mantel. I skiped making the treat bag part and used colored crepe paper for their tails. I used stickles to make some of the paper pop more and then used an overall shimmer mist spray. I just taped the paper to a framed picture I already have ... it will come right off when the fourth is over!

Stay tuned - more items are being added daily! I am waiting for a big arrival from mom to finish up the mantel and one small sewing project!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aqua & Orange Beach Baby Shower

What a wonderful and fast weekend we had! I drove across the country with my car loaded with two dogs, a toddler and trunk full of aqua & orange dishes, decorations, crafts, material ... you name it! You can imagine why the officer who pulled me over for speeding was wondering were in the helk I was going!

I had a baby shower to throw. We hosted this beach side function in the middle of Kansas at my mom's house - and we had non-stop couple days turning her Midwest home into a sea-side retreat. Our little guest of honor is now a Florida Native and is having a little boy and her nursery will be orange, aqua & lime green. We had a theme ladies and gentleman!

It started with a cute little invite I made using my cricut and blank invites from Paper Source.

Our list of craft projects for this function was long! But little baby stuff is so much fun to do - that we just kept adding things.

Inside #1

For the fireplace - we bought some cool frames on clearance from Hobby Lobby - I spray painted them black. Backed them with a sand/pebble fabric, added the strip of orange burlap (which was also the table runner) and a cute sea creature picture we found on the internet.  I made the little garland hanging from the cricut and sewed it with invisible thread. The little glass bowls are full of orange binkers (pacifiers) and starfish. The little pails came from target during Easter!

My Mom is a master at making little collections of things - she did her entire hutch with basket, shells, glass vases - some she had, the rest TJ Max! Next to the hutch we hung the "bib" garland from the windows. I used my cricut to cut fabric and iron it onto the bibs and finished them off with little matching buttons. I do not care what the websites say - cutting fabric with your cricut is a HUGE pain.

We had several small guest in attendance so to make like easy - we packed them a lunch. Threw down huge lime green blankets in the back yard and let them go to town.

Inside #2
The window arrangement was another little work of art from my mom ... it was full of candles and tropical plants, little tray of sand and a cute little metal sign about seahorses.  We served lunch from the table and desert from the island. My mom has a gas stove that we covered up with a huge cookie tray and made a little sand beach on. The diaper cake is one of my favorites. I covered each layer in tulle. I stitched on the little star fish. Added some sea creature bath toys and a few paper pics to match. It looked like it had been frosted!

Lunch Menu:
Summer Tomato Pasta, Cesar Salad Wraps, BLT Wraps, Basil/Onion Peach Salad, Steak Salad.

Outside #1
We turned the back patio into our seaside haven. The fabric pennant hanging was a breeze to make. There are a million tutorials on the web - just search around and see which one works for what you need. I sewed all my triangles - leaving the tops unfinished, turned them right side out - press - slip them inside seam binding and sewed. Very easy. The onesie clothes line was a mix of carters and wal-mart. They had little sea creatures on them, so I couldn't not pass them up!

The garden in the back we took large pieces of cardboard (our friend was nice enough to cut them all out for us, she is a cardboard wiz) I spray painted them dark blue, light blue, white and then glittered the tips. Added all the creatures (cut out from the cricut) some we stuck right on the waves, some we stuck on sticks. We just taped garden sticks to the back of the waves and stuck them in the ground.

We did not want a "formal" feel to our beach side shower - we gave each guest an orange pop up chair (or a camping chair) for their thank you gift and had them pop a squat any place in the yard! We got a great deal on the chairs and they were cheaper than renting tables and real chairs!

I made moma a mobile for her nursery - all sea creatures in her colors. We made all the wooden signs - they turned out so cute! We painted boards - cut out letters/signs from the cricut - modge podged them onto the wood. (not sure I would leave them outside) how cute would they be in a nursery or bedroom!

Outside #2

More cute stuff we did outside! My om made the wreathe out of geo-mesh (that stuff is a mess)

This was one of the funnest (yep I am using it as a word) showers we have done in a long time! I think the moma had a good time and I know my mom and I had a blast!

I always believe in making the guest of honor thank you cards - if she is a bride or a baby moma - she is awfully busy - it makes for a nice little gift!