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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Firecrackers & Pinwheels

Summer time is in full swing at our house and that means that fourth of July is right around the corner! I feel like time is flying these days.

So when my Martha Stewart showed up this month with its cute firecrackers I knew I had to start my mantel! I had a few aqua things left over from the baby shower I just did and I wanted to use them. I love the red, blue & aqua combo for the fourth. It makes it feel a little bit more modern.

So first up: Pinwheels - LOVE THEM. Have wanted to do them for something
I found super easy directions here at the Sweetest Occasions. I am sure there are several on the web - but hers were easy to follow!

Use double sided paper for your pinwheels! The flag & bucket are from the dollar spot at target! The aqua candlestick is from Pier 1 and a resuse from the shower! I added a little stick on to the aqua pinwheel to give a little more festive feel.

Second Up: Firecrackers
Check out how to make them at marthastewart - now she made them into treat bags - I decided to make them into a little art project for my mantel. I skiped making the treat bag part and used colored crepe paper for their tails. I used stickles to make some of the paper pop more and then used an overall shimmer mist spray. I just taped the paper to a framed picture I already have ... it will come right off when the fourth is over!

Stay tuned - more items are being added daily! I am waiting for a big arrival from mom to finish up the mantel and one small sewing project!

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