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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Woodland Baby Shower

Fall maybe in the air but so are babies!! I swear I know so many ladies out there ready to pop I can't believe it! One of my Kentucky Ladies is ready to have her first little boy and we are soo excited for her. Of course what does that mean, we have to have a party - I mean what else would you do???

Mr. WCL will be here late December in time to snuggle in with his Momma for a long cold winter - there is nothing better than winter babies all snuggled in blankets, the fireplace going, drinking a nice cup of coffee while they coo in their crib (SHUT IT ... this is my fantasy and I will remember it anyway I want! HA)

We are having a fall Couple's Shower on the back patio - dinner, drinks and a Smore's Bar!! I can not wait. I have two fantastic mom's helping me put on this party and we have so many cute ideas.

I printed these on craft paper and it gives them an even cuter woodsy feel! I printed large labels that took up almost the entire envelope with the tree, owl & little fox on it! I bought my little creatures from stockberrystudio she has great digital artwork, I have used her stuff before! And she is super nice and answers my dumb illustrator questions - because I am self taught and my teacher kinda sucked! HA

Of course I spent at least 150+ hours on Pinterest looking for cute ideas for this shower ... which is were I found the original smore's bar idea. If you wanna take a peak at all the items I pinned go for it! Hoot-Hoot.

More to come! Hope you are busy planning some sort of Fall Festival at your house or at least decorating up a storm. I have been adding little characters like the ones above all over the house in an attempt to get ready for the shower! 

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