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I am not going to lie ... most days we are hot mess here at this little three ring circus I am apart of! I have a great husband, a darling doodlebug of a daughter, two, yes two, boston terriers and a cat ... that is a lot of feet running around!! I love all things creative! I am not the best at anything, but I love to see what other great creative things people do and try to incorporate them into my life! I will warn you, with all this creativity comes the high probability of the following: miss spelling, ranting, random shinanagans! Consider yourself warned.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Red, Aqua & Pink Crab Party

A MONTH (how long since I last blogged) ... this new job thing is killing me smalls :) I miss the days were I did nothing till 4:00pm and then wondered how the hell it was almost dinner and we got nothing done today! HA ... now I just work and still get nothing done ...

I did manage to  co-pull together with  little miss crabby's fantastic mom, a fantastic, first birthday party. It was so cute, and such a fun night filled with great people, great food and a great guest of honor. We  wanted to create this vintage back yard, southern low country shindig ... and I think we did a pretty good job of nailing it. The weather was a million degree's - but we did say south, so go figure!
Even Miss Crabby Herself - was dressed for the party!

Free Printable!

We had ton's of inspiration for this party ... we knew right away we wanted the color scheme: teal, pink & red ... and then Maddie had the fantastic little crab outfit made by a great gal we know in town. Off the quilting store I went, because they have the best fabric. (FYI, I have zero quilting skills) There I snagged up 4-6 fat quarters in great vintage girly patterns. I really wanted the pennants to be hung from twine, but I struggled on an easy way to hang over 17ft (x2) of pennants on twine ... a needle and thread was just not happening! Now, maybe if I had started some time prior to 72 hours before the party, maybe. Nope, not even then, that is a lot of damn pennants to string!

Crepe paper is another supply I love to use, because it comes in great colors and is CHEAP! The two pictures flanking the TV are pleated streamers - double side taped to a piece of paper, framed without the glass. Best part, take it out and use the frames for something else at your next party, holiday, or around the house.  I also use crepe paper on my wreathes. Easy to do and makes them super cute.

Check out my Pinterest Spot (here) to see all the places we found our great ideas! Also a shout out to eighteen25 for creating this FREE darling birthday sign that just happened to match our birthday party perfectly!!! Check out their site for other great stuff.

Mr. B made a fantastic shrimp boil - I mean LOVED IT. He also, according to everyone else, made wonderful grits. I did not grow up the south. If it looks like mashed potatoes - it should taste like mash potatoes, not oatmeal. Sorry Mr. B, no offense.


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