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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mason Jar Thank You Gifts

These little jars are so cute all by themselves, but add a little spray paint, fabric, twine & a little tag - super cute! Easy cheap little thank you's for Birthday Parties, Teacher Gifts, Holiday give aways - you name it. I am for sure not the first person to think up this great little idea by, probably 50 years ... but I do think after all this time they still are a cute little gift.

I bought the small (not super small) ball canning jars. Cut squares of material (rough estimate, no real measuring here). Spray painted the tops in coordinating party colors. Printed off little tags that matched the invites. Cut what seemed like a thousands yards of twine.

Next step very important: if filling the jars with candy you like, buy extra bag. At my house it went handful of Swedish Fish in the jar, handful in my mouth, jar, mouth, jar, mouth -you get the idea.

I had a bit of trouble getting the fabric and lid to all tighten up correctly - but it could be the Swedish Fish induced comma I was entering. Tie them off with cute ribbon or twin and done!  Happy Eating,  I mean giving.

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