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Monday, October 24, 2011

Strawberry shortcake halloween costume

My little doodlebug is going to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween. This all started when we got a happy meal late summer at MacDonald's and in it was a Strawberry Shortcake Doll. She was entering this phase were she was in love with all sorts of small figurines. To boot, she keeps them in a metal lunch box ... I think my little one is in the wrong era! Strawberry's favorite friends are Buzz, Woody, a few smurfs, the Wonderpets and few other stragglers!!

So on random shopping trip I stumbled onto the green and white tights and that was that! I knew I could make her my version of a Strawberry Shortcake Costume

Costume Consists of:
Red Slip On Crocs
Green & White Striped Tights
Pink, Red, Green Tulle Tutu
Red Turtle Neck
Strawberry Treat Bag  (Me & Mema decided she NEEDED it from Pottery Barn Kid)

Super Easy! Grab some elastic and make it to fit their little waste - then sew it together!

Next start slip knotting on Tulle ... I used Red, Pink and a Glitter Lime Green. I bought the tulle that is on the little rolls - not the big bolts. Figure out how long you want it, cut it twice as long, fold in half and start slip knotting.  When I finished I went back and added ribbon - same as the tulle - twice as long and slip knot.

I bought a little store bought white apron at Joanne's. I hemmed it so that it was short and the tutu showed through the bottom!
I also bought a store bought Strawberry Applique - and iron on ... WOW that part was hard! HA.
Then I bought pink ruffle stuff - I am sure those who actually sew know exactly what this stuff is called - it is by the ribbon - comes on bolts you buy it by the yard. It looks like the stuff that goes around pillows etc! I also bought a roll of red ric-rac. I used iron on seam glue! No Sewing - ok that is lie, I had to sew back on the side strap so you could actually tie on the apron - because I cut it off when trimming the pink stuff ... yep because that is just how all my projects go!

We had a test run tonight to make sure all things fit and worked together! I am not an emotional person, but I am prego, so that is probably why I almost cried when she got it all on ... she looked so cute and grown up, not sure what happened to my little doodlebug, sigh.

PS I just used extra ribbon to make two cute little pony tail holders.

Happy Tricker Treating!

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