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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Woodland Baby Shower

Sweet Little Wyatt will join us later on in December, but we threw him one helk of a shindig this month! Livin in Kentucky, finding an open weekend between Bourbon Month Activities and UK Football was no easy task! But we did it and I had amazing help and support from two great friends and co-host. We pulled off an amazing evening couple's shower!

The decorations were easy for a woodland baby shower at my house - because I love owls, squirrels, hedgehogs and just about all little cute creatures! So I gave up the Halloween decorations and decorated for fall!

The color theme was sage green, teal blue, dark red & chocolate brown - I was really glad when Wyatt was a Wyatt and not a Wanda ... my color theme was not very girly.

We wanted it to be fun for all the guys but still feel cute and girly for the momma! We had dinner under twinkly light that my darling Husband spent a lot of time hanging. Don't worry we had beer, bourbon and fire for the boys.

Tables had burlap runner - darling sunflowers arrangements (done by one of the co-host and all from Costco!) We painted soup cans and drilled holes and dropped candles in each one!

The "Curtain" were hung with some rebar in the ground and then a giant PVC Pipe Contraption  Husband and In-Laws helped set up!  It was super easy and gave the driveway a really nice look!

Dinner was set up inside in Lucy' playroom our formal dining room.

Spicy Ragu Pasta
Creamy Chicken Pasta
Cesar Salad

One of the hubby's cut a bunch of wood chunks for us to use as decorations!

Outside we set up the bar with little snacks (popcorn, peanuts, dips etc)

Now for my favorite part! The SMORE'S BAR!!!!!!! We had an assortment of flavored marshmallows and chocolates and Jumbo Marshmallows!

The Desert Table Inside was adorned with a darling diaper cake, yummy grown-up cake, and the thank you's!
We used the favorite fall goodie - peanuts, candy corn and M&M's! We had each of the little jar toppers monogrammed with a "W".

One of my favorites was the "Polaroid" and mustaches! We had all the couples take pictures in the frame for little Wyatt!

Cute Momma!

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