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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Party Continues ...

Wrapping it up here in Ninja'ville! I have some minor sewing left to do (ok half of it) and a few treat bags to stuff (ok half of those two ... jeez ease up :)

I finished up all the banners/garland. I had to throw in some "birthday" in with all the turtles ... ribbon and glitter will normally do the trick! These guys are going to be so excited, along with 35 of their closest friends and parents (good grief charlie brown).

Yep that is black tulle

The last little piece I did was some Ninja Garland to hang ... I love this stuff and it super quick to make.

1. Cut out different sized/colors circles (I used a machine, because my two year old cuts better than I do)
2. Get some invisible thread for your sewing machine
3. Just start sewing - feed circles one at time - as close or as far apart as you like - no real skill involved at all! Which normally plays to my advantage.
4. Glue on your characters - or leave it blank

So next up: finish sewing. argh. I hate the "doing" sometimes.
After that: two toned crepe paper streamers! Another no skill required sewing project!

The artwork was purchased from Etsy - check here for some of her other great stuff .

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