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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cupcake Birthday Party

What a day we had! Filled with mini bakers in cute tall hats and darling little aprons! The girls & boys decorated cupcakes, played pin the cherry on the cupcake and of course no party is a party with out a bouncy house ... good thing it was only a 103degrees outside!!

This party was actually pretty easy to pull together. We really lucked out because the dollar store of all places had an entire line of cupcake items - notepads, plates, table clothes, you name it!  So for a big Ol'$20 we scored great stuff!

Savannah's Bakery
From the top - the banner was a quick and easy cut out with the cricut! We ordered the aprons off the Internet and used the Silhouette to cut out fabric cupcakes using their heat and press material. Super Easy to use - just follow the directions on the website. The Bakery Sign was all cut out with the cricut and modge podged to a spray painted canvas. While MP was wet I sprinkled rough cut glitter on top of all the cupcakes to look like sprinkles.  The wreath was another super easy make - I will actually post a tutorial on this one. It is crepe paper & ribbon. The Bakers hats, another order of the web, we glued each girls/boy name onto the hat and added a little cupcake cut out.

The cupcake fabric banner was actually one big piece of fabric that our handy dandy helper Stacey cut apart and backed with white fabric and then attached under the seam. She did it in no time flat ... she is a much better sewer than I am. She also sewed straight lines, using my machine, which is a problem, because I just assumed it was my machine that screwed up the straight lines ... super. The cupcake liner garland was beyond cute! It does take a million cupcake liners but you just thread a needle and put the on one by one ... so cute! Sewing Queen Stacey also was the master maker of the darling CupCake - Cake :)

We did have a few boy bakers - so we made them special blue aprons! And Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake Game was a huge hit! Overall the kids had a blast, the house looked darling, the cupcakes were yummy!

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